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Stansty, Wrexham

Russell LDP successfully secured planning permission for the 53-acre site, for up to 455 homes, in Wrexham.

Current Status

Outline Planning permission for housing. The site is also allocated for housing within the Council's recently adopted Local Development Plan.

The Development

The development proposal will comprise up to 455 new homes in a mix of 1 - 4 bedrooms, 114 of which will be affordable.

Contributions will be made to the local area, towards new school place provisions; and highways, pedestrian and rail crossing improvements will also be made. Works will be undertaken to key road junctions, resulting in increases to highways capacity, and resulting in a net benefit area.

The development has been masterplanned to elevate the landscape credentials of the site to secure an attractive place to live.

Russell LDP successfully secured the site’s allocation within the recently adopted Local Development Plan, and our senior team led a consortium of developers in engaging with the Council, Welsh Water and Natural Resource Wales to overcome Phosphate restrictions across Wrexham and Flintshire. The result is that the site now has phosphate approvals to commence.

"We are pleased with the result. This is one of the most sustainable and sought after sites in Wrexham, being opposite the retail centre, Plas Coch school, the University, and within a short walk of the train station and city centre. We've made the most of these strengths by further improving walking, cycling and public transport opportunities, and it is clear why local people would choose to live here.

We worked meticulously with statutory consultees, to address all concerns, including highways, to ensure a positive recommendation at Planning Committee.

Fundamentally, the proposal will deliver much needed quality homes, and respond to the large latent housing demand in the area. These proposals will have tangible benefits for local people"

Gary Lynch, Planning Director, Russell LDP

Russell LDP with their agents, will be bringing forward the development in likely phases, and will be going out to market this year to secure preferred house builder partners.

Our Involvement

Russell LDP submitted a robust Promotion Document early in the process which set out the rationale in favour of development here. This helped the team to secure early buy-in from planning officers. This Document demonstrated the deliverability of the site and provided the Council with reassurance of Russell LDP's ability to bring forward development promptly. 

One challenge of the site was the presence of buried Roman archaeological features. Russell LDP integrated the fortlet into the development, within a large area of public open space, that has been designed in a way to reference the buried find. This approach has gained support from both the local authority and the regional archaeological body, turning a potential constraint into a community asset. 

Another major challenge has been the introduction of national constraints to development, where phosphate river pollution is high. This is an unprecedented issue, stemming from a European Court ruling, that has stalled development across Wrexham and Wales. Russell LDP took a leading part in pulling together a consortium of developers and house builders, with the aim of working collectively as one, to press National and Local Government to find answers and take action to unblock the development. Russell LDP took a pivotal role in navigating this unique issue, to the benefit of the landowner. We secured the required permits in 2023, necessary to allow planning permission to be unlocked.

This demonstrates the experience and tenacity of the Russell LDP team to step up at an industry wide level, to secure a successful outcome.