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Our goals are aligned with yours

Why choose us?

We offer our customers a unique proposition in the strength and depth of our cross sector expertise. We’re not just a skilled land promoter, we also operate as a master developer, house builder and main contractor.

Our in-house team is one of the strongest available to landowners, with town planners, surveyors, infrastructure and construction specialists working side-by-side in our Trafford Park head office.

We have established strong partnerships with landowners, land agents, developers and local councils. We believe this is down to our track record and ability to forge genuine relationships.

Mitigating risk at all stages

As a land promoter, we secure a percentage of the final sales receipt for the land. As such, our goals are aligned with yours – to achieve the highest possible land value.

The more the land is worth with a planning approval, the greater your return and ours. So, not only do we secure the best development, but we take a lead with our land agents to negotiate and maintain the best sales offer.

Land Promotion is costly. It requires significant upfront investment to secure a planning approval and achieve the crucial uplift in value. Russell LDP brings together its in-house expertise with the external specialists needed to deliver success, and we risk our own capital to achieve this.

We take on the risk of the scheme and manage the entire process.