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Development Routes

We offer flexible development routes that are right for you

A Russell LDP industrial property is one that any Operator can trust, in the knowledge that its design and construction follows a carefully crafted specification.

It’s for this reason we have worked hard to develop a reliable standard specification, known as the Russell CORE Specification.

Whilst our Russell CORE Specification provides a highly flexible asset, we know there will be specific requirements for your operations, and so we also offer Russell ENHANCED Specification and Russell BESPOKE Specification options, which both provide an even greater degree of flexibility and adaptability.

Our base level logistics development specification

Russell CORE Specification has been developed to deliver a standardised high-quality industrial building, which exceeds industry standards, whilst remaining flexible to meet the demands of the market and changing operational requirements.

Develop and enhance our proven core specification

Russell ENHANCED Specification presents you with the opportunity to further develop and enhance our Russell CORE Specification.

Our Russell CORE Specification provides the perfect platform on which optional extras can be readily included at the outset of the scheme, to ensure the final scheme meets your exact requirements.

For fully bespoke schemes of any type or size

We can provide a full turnkey build-to-suit development, to suit your specific operational requirements. Schemes are defined as needing a Russell BESPOKE Specification when they are required to meet an Operator's existing design guide and specification.