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Our Approach

Delivering from concept through to completion

Land promotion is undertaken by navigating the often complex planning process to secure a planning approval for either residential, industrial, or a mix of uses.

We will provide upfront investment, coordinate the land promotion, formulate a concept for development, prepare a robust planning strategy, and manage all stages of the planning, land, legals and marketing.

Your goals are our goals – we seek to achieve the highest value for your land. We create places where people want to live and work, and we’re genuinely proud of the developments we have brought forward.

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Our Approach

We're experienced from early engagement all the way through to completion.

Stage 1

Early Engagement

We will meet with the existing landowners to review and assess the development potential of the land, including giving an honest opinion on the likelihood of securing a planning approval. 

Stage 2

Land Assembly

We may recommend working with other landowners to achieve the best outcome. This could require us to assemble neighbouring land parcels in order to provide access and infrastructure routes.

Stage 3

Planning Approval

We will manage the complex planning process on your behalf, preparing a robust planning application. This will present the strongest evidence in support of development.

Stage 4

Master Developer

As the Master Developer, we'll then coordinate and deliver infrastructure packages such as the utilities and highways connections, and the earthworks necessary to deliver the development parcels.

Stage 5

Land Sale

Once we have secured planning permission, we and our land agents will market the land on your behalf to potential buyers including investors, developers, housing associations and house builders.